If you are looking for the Fit India Quiz Questions and Answers PDF on the internet then its the right article for you. Fit India moment is a project initiated by the Indian central government for improving the health and wellness in the countrymen of the India.

Fit India is a movement which guide or mentor the people of India that they should focus on their health and changes their food habits to increase the life spam. People realized during covid that health is the most important element in the life of a human being.

Fit India Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Details

Download Fit India Quiz Questions and Answers PDF

What is the process of selection of schools for participating in the Fit India Quiz Contest?

Q.1 The Fit India Quiz Contest will be held in the following phases/rounds.

A. Registration
B. Preliminary Round (NTA Round)
C. State Round
D. National Round

Q.2 What areas will be covered under the quiz contest?

The various phases/rounds will have questions from multiple themes as outlined below:

  • History of Indian Sports, Traditional Sports and
    Games, Yoga, Personalities etc.
  • Fitness topics with special emphasis on Indian
    traditional fitness methods.
  • Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian
    Games, Khelo India Games, and other popular

Q.3 Will there be prizes for winners?

Yes. There will be cash prizes for Schools/candidates. Please visit Fit India Mission website for details.

Q.4 What will be the timelines for the Fit India Quiz Contest?

The quiz procedure shall start with the registration. The registration will start on 1st September 2021 and end on 30th September 2021.

Q.5 What is Registration and School Round?

In order to participate in the Fit India Quiz Contest, the schools will have to register themselves through the link
provided on Fit India website.

Q.6 Who is eligible to apply?

Any School, private/public/Govt under any syllabus, State Board/CBSE or ICSE or any other authority, located in India, may apply. All students studying in any class up to Class XII in schools across India, are eligible to participate in the Fit India Quiz. However, they must be nominated by the School in which they are studying.

There is no restriction of age of the candidate for participating in the test. However, the questions in the quiz contest are such that those studying in Class VIII and above would be able to answer them easily.

Fit India Quiz Questions and Answers PDF download link is given below. You can direct download PDF of Fit India Quiz Questions and Answers for free using the download link –

Download Fit India Quiz Questions and Answers PDF

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