कालनिर्णय मराठी कैलेंडर 2022 |Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2022 PDF 

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Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar is one of the most selling Calendars for the Marathi language as a whole world. Kalnirnay Calendar was founded in 1973 by a Marathi Person named Jayantrao Salgaonkar. The first edition publication of this calendar it was produced the sale of more than 10,000 copies. Now it becomes the largest selling calendar in India, The publication has to sell more than 2 crores copies of the Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar every year.

Kalnirnay officially releases its calendar every year in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu languages. The Kalnirnay Marathi 2022 edition will provide you all information which includes Important Dates with Festivals, Events, National & Public holidays with proper details. Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar provides information about Panchang through Sunrise and sunset timing with Marathi months. Those who are searching for Muhurt’s would have very useful resources available in the calendar.

 Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2022 PDF details :-

PDF Name कालनिर्णय मराठी कैलेंडर 2022 |Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2022 PDF 
No. of Pages26
PDF Size14 MB
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Kalnirnay Marathi Calendar 2022 PDF :- Festival and holidays 

Here is the List of Marathi Festivals which is provided to you month wise so that you could check each festival with dates Kalnirnay Calendar 2022 also provides the facility of Panchang so Individual can check Subh Muhurat’s to Worship and Celebrate Festivals.

Marathi FestivalsDate and Day
Nutan Varshabhinandan1st January 2022, Saturday
Durgashtami10th January 2022, Monday
Makara Sankranti13th January 2022, Friday
Shankbhari Purnima17th January 2022, Monday
Sankashta Chaturthi21st January 2022, Friday
Republic Day 26th January 2022, Wednesday
Shattila Ekadashi28th January 2022, Friday
Ganesh Jayanti4th February 2022, Friday
Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti19th February 2022, Saturday
Sankashta Chaturthi20th February 202, Sunday
Vijaya Ekadashi26th February 2022, Saturday
Mahashivratri1st March 2022, Tuesday
Holi18th March 2022, Friday
Sankashta Chaturthi21st March 2022, Monday
Gudipadva2nd April 2022, Saturday
Ram Navmi10th April 2022, Sunday
Kamka Ekadashi12th April 2022, Tuesday
Ambedkar Jayanti14th April 2022, Thursday
Mahavir Jayanti15th April 2022, Friday
Hanuman Jayanti16th April 2022, Saturday
Angarak Chaturthi19th April 2022, Tuesday
Maharashtra Din1st May 2022, Sunday
Parshuram Jayanti2nd May 2022, Monday
Basweshar Jayanti3rd May 2022, Tuesday
Mohini Ekadashi12th May 2022, Thursday
Buddha Pornima16th May 2022, Monday
Sankashti Chaturthi19th May 2022, Thursday
Shani Jayanti31st May 2022, Tuesday
Maharana rata Jayanti2nd June 2022, Thursday
Nirjala Ekadashi9th June 2022, Thursday
Vat Pornima14th June 2022, Tuesday
Sankashti Chaturthi17th June 2022, Friday
Puri Jagarnath Rath Yatra1st July 2022, Friday
Bakrid Eid10th July 2022, Sunday
Prdosh Vrat11th July 2022, Monday
Guru Pornima17th July 2022, Sunday
Sankashta Chaturthi16th July 2022, Saturday
Kamika Ekadashi24th July 2022, Sunday
Nagpanchmi2nd August 2022, Tuesday
Rakshabandan11th August 2022, Thursday
Narali Pornima12th August 2022, Friday
Sankashta Chaturthi, Independence day15th August 2022, Monday
Krushna Janmashtmi18th August 2022, Thursday
Ganesh Chaturthi31st August 2022, Wednesday
Rushi Panchmi1st September 2022, Wednesday
Asharva Ekadashi6th September 2022, Monday
Ganesh Visarjan19th September 2022, Sunday
Sankashta Chaturthi24th September 2022, Friday
Indira Ekadashi2nd October 2022, Saturday
Varad Chaturthi9th October 2022, Saturday
Mahanavami14th October 2022, Thursday
Sharad Pornima20th October 2022, Wednesday
Sankashti Chaturthi24th October 2022, Sunday
Rama Ekadashi1st November 2022, Monday
Diwali, Narak Chaturthi4th November 2022, Thursday
Kartik Pornima19th November 2022, Friday
Rohini Ravat21st November 2022, Sunday
Sankashti Chaturthi23rd November 2022, Tuesday
Mokshada Ekadashi14th December 2022, Tuesday
Sankashti Chaturthi23rd December 2022, Tuesday
Christmas25 December 2022, Sunday

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