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 Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF first edition was published in 1997 and immediately turned into an part of interest in the community of readers who used to investing money and trying to learn about investing and  worldwide economy. The book has been  turned into the #1 Personal Finance book ever and it is also converted into many languages which are sold being all over the planet.

Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Details :-

PDF Name  Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Download
No. of Pages 211
PDF Size 3.31 MB
Language English
Category  ebooks & Novels
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Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Summary :-

Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF have ten chapters plus the introduction, but much of the book is focused on the first six lessons which are as follows :-

Introduction: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Chapter 1: The Rich Don’t Work for Money

Chapter 2: Why Teach Financial Literacy?

Chapter 3: Mind Your Own Business

Chapter 4: The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations

Chapter 5: The Rich Invent Money

Chapter 6: Work to Learn – Don’t Work for Money

The goal of Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF is to motivate an individual to develop their own unique path for financial freedom RIch Dad Poor Dad Book is an motivation providing book to those who are trying to break the myth that by having a good job who become rich.

Poor dad: ordinary earned, get a safe and secure job

Rich dad: portfolio and passive, make money work for you

“The key to financial freedom and great wealth is a person’s ability to convert earned income into passive and/or portfolio income.”

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